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Äifel is a low mountain range in western Germany and eastern Belgium. It occupies parts of southwestern North Rhine-Westphalianorthwestern Rhineland-Palatinate and the south of the German-speaking Community of Belgium. The Eifel lies between the cities of Aachen to the north, Trier to the south and Koblenz to Casino-Land für 1 RUR east. In the east and south it is bounded by the valleys of the Rhine and the Moselle.

To the west it transitions in Belgium and Luxembourg Casino-Land für 1 RUR the geologically related Ardennes and the Luxembourg Ösling. In the north it is limited by the Jülich-Zülpicher Börde. Its highest point is the volcanic cone of the Hohe Acht Casino-Land für 1 RUR the Carolingian Eifelgau only covered the smaller region roughly around the sources of the rivers Ahr check this out, KyllUrft and Erft.

Its name was more recently transferred to the entire region. The Eifel belongs to that part of the Rhenish Massif whose rolling plateau is categorised as peneplain highland Rumpfhochlandwhich was formed by the erosion of the ancient mountains of the Variscan mountain building phase and subsequent further uplifting.

In the eastern part, in the High Eifel and Volcanic Eifelindividual cinder cones and basalt kuppenlike the Hohe Acht and the Ernstbergemerged as a result of volcanicity in the Tertiary and Quaternary periods and rise above the undulating countryside. The rivers draining into the MoselleRhine and Meusesuch as the OurKyllAhrBrohl and Rurhave cut deep into the edge of the Eifel and formed larger valleys.

It is further divided into several natural regional landscapes, some with further subdivisions. From north to the Land Casino einen Bonus von 1000 Rubel, there are also four nature parks in the Eifel: Up tothe German part of the Eifel, which belonged to the natural region of the Rhenish Massifwas, according to the Handbook of the Natural Region Divisions of Germanydivided into three major unit i.

The BfN Casino-Land für 1 RUR the 3 two-digit major unit groups under the combined group designated Casino-Land für 1 RUR Apart from its valleys, the Eifel is a gently rolling plateau from which elongated mountain ridges and individual mountains rise.

The majority of these summits do not attain a great height above the surrounding terrain. Several, however, like the Schwarzer Mann in the Schnee-Eifelstand out from a long way off as long, forested ridges or clearly isolated mountaintops. The highest mountain in the whole Eifel is the Hohe Acht at These include two dozen Casino-Land für 1 RUR with good all-round views, Casino-Land für 1 RUR which many have an observation tower. From north to south they are: The mountains and hills of the Eifel include the following in order of height in metres above sea level:.

For a list of these and other Eifel Casino-Land für 1 RUR and hills see the List of mountains and hills of the Eifel. Due to its moist and mild Atlantic climate, the Eifel is bisected by numerous streams and small rivers. Impoundment of these streams, especially in the North Eifel has led to the creation of very large reservoirsuch as the Rurseewhich is the second largest in Germany by volume, and the Urftsee.

A feature of the Eifel are its natural lakes Casino-Land für 1 RUR volcanic origin. The largest, the Laacher Seeis a collapsed, water-filled calderawhilst the many maars are water-filled volcanic eruption bowls. The largest maar lake is the Pulvermaar. The Meerfelder Maar has an even bigger basin, but three-quarters of it has silted up. The many rivers and streams of the Eifel drain into the North Sea via the great rivers outside of the Eifel: The rivers and streams within the mountain range, together with their larger tributaries, are as follows:.

Despite the interesting geology of the Eifel region, only three comprehensive geological accounts have been produced. The Eifel is one of the few volcanically active areas of Germany, as is evinced by numerous discharges of carbonic acidfor example into the Laacher See. The basement in the Eifel, as in the other regions of the Rhenish Massifconsists mainly of Devonian slatessandstones and limestoneslaid down in an ocean south of the Old Red Continent [18] and folded and overthrust der Post Casino-Geld in the Variscan orogeny.

Only on the northern edge of the Eifel, in the High Fens and its environs, do older rocks from the Cambrian and Ordovician outcrop. Casino-Land für 1 RUR of the Carboniferouswhich followed the Devonian, do not occur in the Eifel itself, but lie along its northern boundary in the region of Aachen. The Devonian rocks were deposited in an oceanic basinin which erosion debris was washed in from the north from the great north continent of Euramerica Laurussia or the Old Red Continent which was formed by Caledonian mountain building during the Silurian.

From the end of the Lower Carboniferous the sea basin was caught Casino-Land für 1 RUR in the Variscan mountain building process, pushed together and uplifted, and thus formed part of the Variscan mountain system that, in the Upper Carboniferous and early Permian, Casino-Land für 1 RUR large areas of Europe.

The Eifel geological structures like main folds and overthrusts can be traced in a SW-NE direction far beyond the Rhine valley. Since that folding, the Eifel has largely remained part of the mainland. During the Permianafter the end of the uplifting, the Variscan mountains were heavily eroded, leaving only a relatively flat, truncated upland. For a short time, and only partially, this was later flooded by the sea.

This is a region of subsidencewhich runs from the Trier Bay in the south to the Lower Rhine Bay in the north. Through this zone existed at one time a sea link between north and south Central Europe.

The remains of the sediments laid down at this time have survived to a greater extent in the Maubach- Mechernich Triassic Triangle in the north and in the Oberbettingen Triassic Graben in the area around Hillesheim and Oberbettingen. In the Upper Cretaceous and during the TertiaryCasino-Land für 1 RUR Eifel was inundated mainly from the north.

Remains of Cretaceous Casino-Land für 1 RUR were discovered on the High Casino-Land für 1 RUR. Scattered patches of Oligocene deposits can be found there and in the Western Eifel.

From the Pliocene onwards, the Rhenish Massif, including the Eifel, experienced an uplift. This led to the streams and rivers cutting into the gently rolling landscape resulting in the present appearance of the low mountain range with its flat plateaus and deeply incised valleys.

Due to numerous recent research projects, climate changes since the last ice age can be traced in detail in the Eifel region. It created numerous volcanic structures, Casino-Land für 1 RUR flows and extensive layers of volcanic ejecta made of tuff and Casino-Land für 1 RURwhich have formed the basis of a significant mining activity for the extraction of building materials Casino-Land für 1 RUR Roman times.

Some of the hills are volcanic vents. The peculiar circle-shaped lakes maars of the volcanic regions formed in volcanic craters. The first volcanic eruptions took place in the early Tertiary centred in the High Eifel and even before the volcanic activity of the Siebengebirge and Westerwald.

Volcanism in the western and eastern Eifel is, in contrast to that Casino-Land für 1 RUR the High Eifel, much Casino-Land für 1 RUR recent than that of the Siebengebirge and Westerwald. In the eastern Eifel, volcanism began aboutyears ago in the area of today's Laacher See; it extended to the Neuwied Basin to the south, and crossed the Rhine to the east.

The quantity of basalt lavas, pumice tuffs and ash tuffs produced by the volcanoes was far greater here than in the western Eifel. East Casino-Land für 1 RUR volcanism came to an end with a huge eruption, as a result of which Casino-Land für 1 RUR magma chamber emptied and collapsed, creating a caldera.

Today's Laacher See formed in the caldera. The ashes from the eruption can be detected today in deposits all over Central Europe and as far as Bornholm as a thin Casino-Land für 1 RUR. Volcanism is caused by magma Casino-Land für 1 RUR, which either rises directly to the earth's surface from the upper regions of the earth's mantle or gathers in Casino-Land für 1 RUR magma chamber, several tens of kilometres deep, at the base of the earth's crustfrom which magma rises at irregular intervals and causes volcanic eruptions.

The Eifel is in the Atlantic climate zone with its relatively high precipitation; winters that are moderately cold and long with periods of snow; and summers that are often humid Casino-Spielautomaten Casino für Cash-Jackpot Online Jackpot City City cool.

A relatively dry and milder climate prevails in the wind and rain shadow of the High Eifel. Cold air from Siberia in the higher elevations of the Eifel has less of an impact on weather conditions, as the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean to the Eifel brings milder sea air to the Eifel even in winter.

Looking at the Casino-Land für 1 RUR averages, even the Snow Eifel only has snow cover for nine consecutive days in winter, as there are no longer lasting cold spells. However, there is an average of 70 days of full snow cover because the frequency of snow at higher elevations is relatively high for comparison: The humid Atlantic climate can cause extreme variations though: The mean temperature in the coldest month January is The level of precipitation decreases significantly from west to east as a result of the rain shadow of the highlands.

The bioclimatic conditions in the Eifel are favourable. Heat stress and air humidity are rarely present in summer. The Eifel has a distinctly stimulating climate; the high elevations being considered as highly stimulating.

The Eifel is a clean air area with very low air-chemical pollution. On hot sunny days, there is sometimes an increased concentration of ground-level ozone.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Eiffel disambiguation. Map of the Eifel. List of mountains and hills of the Eifel. Bundesanstalt für Landeskunde, Bad Godesberg, It probably runs from Eicks via Kommern to Firmenich. Geologie der Eifelp. NegendankPeter Rothe, ed. Gebrüder Bornträger Verlagsbuchhandlung Bd. Find more about Eifel at Online-Casino-Methode sister projects. Central Uplands of Germany.

Subdivisions of the Rhenish Massif. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. Vianden Our Valley Northeastern Eifel Perimeter ; Handbook: Münster Eifel Forest Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Eifel.

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The Eifel lies between the cities of Aachen to the north, Trier to the south and Koblenz to the east. It descends in the northeast along a line from Aachen via Düren.
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